Training In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu In Order To Help Your Tennis Game

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BJJ or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a sport that translates very well into tennis believe it or not. The strength and conditioning aspect, hand dexterity, finger techniques, timing and a ton of other things required to excel in BJJ will help you further your overall tennis game.

Tennis requires a ton of timing and it’s draining on the body like no other. Guess what though, BJJ is a sport that in my opinion is the most physically and mentally demanding sports. If you can master the sport of brazilian jiu jitsu, you will in fact excel in tennis.

Mastering the serious requirements needed to participate in grappling will make your tennis training miles and miles easier.  Disclaimer: I do not recommend training BJJ over tennis. Train in brazilian jiu-jitsu grappling when you are tired of running laps, or when your arm is tired from the consent swings you’ve been doing during training. If your tired and want a change of pace when it comes to strength and conditioning, BJJ is the answer!

Start by nabbing yourself a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi. Here is an article that lists the best bjj gi of 2017: The size of a gi is considered to be the most important factor that you should remember. Unfortunately, many are the times that many people have a hard time to find the right Jiu Jitsu kit that is their exact size. However, many top brands have gone an extra mile in making sizing charts to ensure that you find the right size by providing accurate information. When purchasing a gi, it is necessary for you to pay attention on these sizing charts so as to assist you get the right size that fits you well. It is easier for you perform maneuvers and roll when you have a gi that fits you perfectly. It is easy for your opponent to get a hold of you when you have a large gi and you would not also be comfortable to perform maneuvers when in a tight or small gi.

Once you have selected your BJJ GI to use in your training, start by going over the stretches. The stretches will help you get loose before you go head to head with your opponent. Here is a great video when it comes to BJJ stretching:

The beauty of brazilian jiu-jitsu is that it humbles you and keeps your ego in check.